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2024 / 2025 SCHEDULE OF FEES

The Governing Council of the British American University (BAU) has approved the following fees structure for 2024/2025 academic session:

Application fee (New Students only) US$50
Acceptance fee(New Students only) US$50
Matriculation fee (New Students only) US$50

Program fee: Degree Foundation


                        Postgraduate Diploma

                        Master’s degree

                  1st Doctoral Degree(e.g. PhD, DBA, DPA, etc)

                  2nd Doctoral degree (e.g. DSc & DLitt)

US$50 per credit unit

US$75 per credit unit

US$100 per credit unit

US$150 per credit unit

US$200 per credit unit

US$250 per credit unit

Transfer of Credits fee: Undergraduate programs

                                           Postgraduate Diploma

                                           Master’s degree programs

                                           Doctoral Degree  programs

US$25 per credit

US$30 per credit

US$40 per credit

US$75 per credit

I.D. Card US$10
Transcript (Graduating Students only) US$60
Certificate (Graduating Students only) US$100
Certificate Replacement fee (Former Students only) US$150
Capstone Project (Graduating Students only) US$200
Graduation fee (Graduating Students only) US$100
Late payment of fee US$50
Application for Payment Plan (If applicable) US$50



Program Entry Qualification(s) Duration Credits Amount(USD)
Degree Foundation/Diploma O/L GCE or an equivalent qualification 1 Year 50 50 Units × $50 =                                       US$2,500

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

A/L GCE, ND, NCE, an equivalent professional qualification 3 Years 120

120 Units × $75  =                                    US$9,000


Relevant HND/Bachelor’s Degree or equivalents from other Institutions 2 Years 76

76 Units × $75 =                                       US$5,700

Transfer 44 credits @ $25 each: 44×25 =   1,100          

Total =                                                        US$6,800

British American University Bachelor’s Degree 1 Year 48

48 Units × $75 =                                       US$3,600

Transfer 72 credits@$25 each:72×25  US$1,800  

Total =                                                        US$5,400

Postgraduate Diploma Bachelor’s Degree, HND, Higher Diploma or  an equivalent 1 Year 45 45 Units × $100 =                                     US$4,500
Master’s Degree A good Bachelor’s Degree 18 months 60 60 Units × $150 =                                     US$9,000
1st Doctoral Degree A good Master’s Degree 3 Years 60 60 Units × $200 =                                   US$12,000
2nd Doctoral Degree A good Doctoral Degree 2 Years 60 60 Units × $250 =                                   US$15,000

NOTE: The maximum number of credits that can be transferred into a BAU Master’s and Doctoral degree programs is 24 Units

Refund Policy

Student must submit a written, signed and dated notice of cancellation  and refund to the Registrar in order to qualify for cancellation of the enrollment agreement and to a refund of excess paid value. The cancellation effective date is the date of notice submission. If the student has received federal student financial aid funds, the student is entitled to a refund of moneys not paid from the federal students financial aid program funds. Students who withdraw from the program before enrollment or within the first 7 days after enrollment will receive a 100% refund of any paid tuition and fees. If student withdraws after the first class session or after 7 business days from enrollment date, a prorated refund shall not be less than the total amount owed by the student for the portion of the educational program provided subtracted from the amount paid by the student, calculated as follows: The amount owed equals the daily charge for the program (total institutional charge, divided by the number of days or hours in the program), multiplied by the number of days student attended, or was scheduled to attend, prior to withdrawal.

All refundable amounts paid by the student in excess of what is owed as calculated above shall be refunded. Except as provided herein, all amounts that the student has paid shall be subject to refund unless the enrollment agreement and the refund policy outlined in the catalog specify amounts paid for an application fee or deposit not more than $250.00, books, supplies, or equipment, and specify whether and under what circumstances those amounts are non-refundable. In addition to BAU’s commitment to apply low cost tuition which is usually about 30% of what regularly applied at most of the for-profit postsecondary educational facilities, BAU develops customized financial-aid packages based on student’s level of financial need, and the availability of allocated funds.

Every student package may include any or a combination of the following major financial aid programs including Gift aid that does not require repayment and is divided into three categories which are Grants that recognize financial need, Scholarship in recognition of academic merit and Awards, Loans, that must be repaid to lender (usually after graduation) and can come from private lenders and university sources when allocated funds are available, and Work-study allows students to earn money for University expenses while gaining valuable skills – often in their intended field. All accepted students are eligible for interest free payment plans without any banking process or credit reviews, 10% immediate discount if tuition is paid in full, and 5% if paid in full within three months from enrollment date and 10% special discount if student is a first relative of a BAU current or graduated student. Textbook recycling program manages used textbooks’ collection and redistribution free of charge. This service helps a wide range of students who may face a financial strains purchasing educational materials. Other forms of scholarship and financial assistance are as listed in the University catalog and website