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The world today is based on collaboration, cooperation or partnership. You may be interested in going into business of educational services provider with us as our partner. If this is the case, you may apply for a Study Center or an Affiliate of the famous British American University (BAU), Florida, and put your professionalism into play.

What is a Study Center?
A Study Center is The world today is based on collaboration, cooperation or partnership. You may be interested in going into business of educational services provider with us as our partner. If this is the case, you may apply for a Study Center or an Affiliate of the famous British American University (BAU), Florida, and put your professionalism into play.

an arrangement between the University and the owner of the Institute/ Establishment (called the proposed Study Center) to enable the Institute or Establishment to house lecture rooms and other facilities for the use of the University students. There are many ways in which such an arrangement may be made, and the University negotiates each arrangement on an individual basis according to the needs of the University, the local market conditions as well as the possibilities of effective monitoring and control by the University.

Throughout the arrangement, the University and the proposed Study Center remain totally inseparable and indivisible legal entity. The University owns all the staff, students, materials and facilities on ground. It only pays the agreed rent on the property. The University is also directly responsible to its students for the quality of its courses and the provision of learning. The owner of the institute or establishment may only serve as the Coordinator of the Center, if he/she is adjudged by the University to be qualified, for an agreed remuneration.  However, he may recommend staff to the University, whose appointment is solely rest on the University decision upon a thorough assessment of the academic and professional qualifications of such staff.

A Study Center is not an agency, but an integral part, of the University. It must not carry out any teaching or training in its own right for, and on behalf, of the University. Bri9tish American University does not accept applications for Study Centers from would-be agents or representatives who just wish to sell our courses on a commission basis, without the University doing any teaching of courses. We do not wish to sell the prestigious Certificate of our noble BAU!

Who may apply?
As BAU is an intercontinental University, its potential Study Center must be a College or School, Center or Institution in Nigeria or any other country, which offers education or training, by classroom study or in an online mode having facilities acceptable to the Management of the University. A potential Study Center needs not possess the staff but possession of infrastructure and equipments for the use of our students from the Center is mandatory; the University will provide the resource persons and administrative staff with appropriate education and training as well as required academic and professional qualifications commensurate with the category of students studying at the Center.

As a matter of emphasis, it must be noted that at present, we do not franchise any course or program for Study Centers to run, although we encourage as many people as possible to participate in our programs irrespective of their color, sex, religion and nationalities. After all, BAUA is an International University operating in many countries!

Application Requirements
Documents required when applying for a Study Center (to be delivered personally or sent by post only) are the following:

  • A covering letter outlining your activities and plans for the future. This must be on a professional or business letterhead and signed by a director or partner in the organization; handwritten or emailed letters will not be accepted,
  • A report listing all the facilities and equipment available at the Institute, College, Establishment or teaching venue and a rough plan of the premises showing square footage and number of desks or teaching stations. The report should include a listing of all facilities such as computer workstations, other major pieces of equipment, library facilities, offices, other student facilities. The nature of programs expected to be housed whether academic or Professional, etc. should be included,
  • An estimated enrolment of students in the proposed Center if eventually approved,
  • An estimate of a reasonable amount which you think the College or institution can incur to enjoy the use of available facilities, and
  • If you intend to serve as the Center Coordinator, your expected remuneration per semester or per session

Before you apply to us for a Study Center, please read the following carefully:  In order to save your time and ours, and to avoid misunderstanding, please ensure that you know everything you need to know about the Bri9tish American University before applying to us. Please see our prospectus, study our websites  thoroughly and ask for any other literature you need. Please remember the following important points:

  1. BAUA is an international University and Center of Excellence of the world-class standard
  2. Because our operations are of international standard, our Diploma and Degree Certificates are recognized and accepted internationally,
  3. We have Full-Time, Part-Time and Study-Away courses,
  4. We are not looking for agents/consultants who just wish to sell Diploma or Degree without providing any teaching. We do NOT sell our earned Diploma/Degree for no academic work,
  5. We will NOT award any Diploma or Degree just for life experience. However, we will consider any students or applicants, who wish to transfer prior credit from a recognized Institution towards a Diploma/Degree program in BAU,
  6. You must NOT enroll students for BAU programs until a Study Center is approved to you in writing. Even after the approval, it is the College that enrolls students. You may only sell the College Admission Forms at your Center,
  7. If we discover that a potential Study Center has been admitting for BAUA without permission to do so or under false pretences, we will regard this as fraud and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. You must NOT design or use any forms or materials purporting to be issued by BAU without our express permission in writing.
  8. We will not accept applications from Institutes or Colleges who approach us saying that they have “already” recruited students for us without our knowledge. We will regard any such applications as fraudulent and may take civil legal action for “passing-off” as well as pressing criminal charges. We apologize for the tone of this statement and do not wish to cause offence to honest transactions, but we make this statement in view of adverse experience encountered by other private universities, which has been brought to our attention. We will view the actions mentioned here most seriously, and
  9. We are aware that there are individuals selling fraudulent and forged Degrees and Diplomas of various Colleges and Universities elsewhere. We do not condone such activities and we will do whatever we can to cooperate with the authorities in the successful prosecution of any persons involved.

We would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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