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Welcome to the British American University Faculty of Science where an excellent Science education awaits you. The BAU Faculty of Science focuses on the concepts, techniques, and innovation in the development of Science. In this Faculty, students choose from a rich set of electives that includes data science, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, database systems, computer networks as well as Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Medical Nursing, Public Health, among other topics. Our advanced courses in Science stress “hands-on” learning by doing which is a significant aspect of Science-based education. A generous allotment of free electives allows students to combine study in their specialized program with study in other fields either by taking a well-defined specialized minor in another discipline or by working with an advisor to formulate a program that combines experiences across disciplines.

The Mission of the Faculty

The BAU Faculty of Science will be an exciting place to perform high-impact research and to learn about the latest developments in the constantly developing field of Science. The programs from the Faculty ensure that students graduate knowing the fundamentals and practical aspects of their chosen field of study. The BAU-FS is excellent as measured by the quality, breadth, and impact of our research, quality of our teaching, excellent preparation of our graduates for leadership in the profession and in higher education, dedication of our department staff to outstanding service and our commitment to recognize everyone’s contribution to corporate success of the Faculty and the University.

Faculty Objectives of the Faculty

We will achieve the above goals by housing laboratories, such as our next generation search lab, that are unique in the United States in their singular focus on a specific, high impact research area, constantly updating our curriculum to incorporate innovations in the ever-changing world of Science, and retaining outstanding and energetic faculty who strengthen our existing expertise, while positioning us to lead in the important emerging research areas of the various disciplines in the ongoing new millennium, maintaining high selectivity in our graduate programs by choosing students with the potential to be leaders in the fields as determined by their evidence both of academic achievement and diversity of life experiences, and attracting the best undergraduate students on the BAU Campus, while continuously reinvigorating both our undergraduate and postgraduate programs with the latest developments in the field. Our faculty members share the results of their scholarship with the Science education community, keep current in the field and in areas related to normal teaching assignments, in particular, continue to improve ineffective teaching, serve as mentors and advisors to students throughout their time at BAU, take an active role in curricula and programs development, and participate in professional organizations relevant to their respective fields of interests.

The BAU Faculty of Science programs have been offered since 2018. Our goal has been and continues to be high-quality programs that ensure that students will be able to integrate theory and practice, recognize the importance of abstraction and appreciate the value of efficient design created to meet clearly developed requirements. The programs are intended to prepare students for lifelong learning as they undertake professional careers in various disciplines. The objective of the our programs are to prepare students for successful careers, and particularly for the Bachelor’s students, and for advanced graduate studies, by giving them the following qualities:

  • Breadth: Knowledge of a broad range of Science and Technology skills, tools, and mathematical techniques, and the capability of applying them to analyze and design complex systems,
  • Depth: Deep understanding of fundamental theoretical and practical Scientific problems, and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape,
  • Reasoning: Capability of solving a wide variety of problems by applying principles of computational thinking,
  • Teamwork: Habits of working effectively and professionally on diverse project teams,
  • .Clarity: Ability to communicate technical information clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing,
  • Integrity: Understanding how to approach societal effects of Science, E and Technology ethically and responsibly, and being committed to doing so,
  • Learning: Interest in life-long learning, to adapt and shape an evolving world, and
  • Openness: Ability to participate in interdisciplinary collaborations and apply computational methods in new and unfamiliar domains.
BAU Sciences

Expected Outcomes of the Faculty Programs

The expected outcomes of the Faculty programs are as follows:

  • Ability to apply knowledge gained appropriately to the modern society,
  • Ability to analyze problems, and identify and define appropriate solutions,
  • Ability to design, implement and evaluate a process or program to meet desired needs,
  • Ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal,
  • Understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities,
  • Ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences,
  • Ability to analyze the global impact of Science and Technology on organizations and society,
  • Recognition of the need for, and ability to engage in, professional development,
  • Ability to use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for real-life practices.,
  • Ability to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a way that demonstrates comprehension of the tradeoffs involved in design choice,
  • Ability to apply design and development principles in constructions of varying complexities,
  • Ability to enter top-ranked graduate programs in Science and Technology based disciplines,
  • Ability to enter professional careers and make intellectual contributions,
  • Ability to embark on lifelong learning for personal and professional growth and development,
  • Ability to have a strong practical background in Scientific and Technological discipline with a focus in another discipline,
  • Ability to be able to analyze, design, implement, and test solution packages and apply them to “real world” problems,
  • Ability to be able to write technical documents such as specifications, design, and users manuals in appropriate formats,
  • Ability to be able to orally present deliverables related to Science,
  • Ability to have an appreciation of human behavior, culture, interaction, and organization through studies in the humanities and social sciences,
  • Ability to have a theoretical and practical understanding of Science,
  • Ability to have enthusiasms for the educational process and for professional practices, and
  • Ability to be able to work in interdisciplinary groups consisting of non-technical and technical members.


The following programs are currently available in the BAU Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology:

Department of Agriculture and Nutrition
Agricultural Science
BSc, MSc, PhD
Food and Nutrition
BSc, MSc, PhD
Department of Basic Sciences
BSc, MSc, PhD
BSc, MSc, PhD
BSc, MSc, PhD
Department of Earth Sciences
BSc, MSc, PhD
BSc, MSc, PhD
Department of Medical Sciences
Public Health
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
Computer Science
BSc, MSc, PhD
BSc, MSc, PhD
Department of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
BSc, MSc, PhD
Computer Engineering
BSc, MSc, PhD
Petroleum Engineering
BSc, MSc, PhD
Civil Engineering
BSc, MSc, PhD

NOTE: There is Honorary PhD in all Departments

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