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You are welcome to the Faculty Agricultural Sciences at the British American University, Florida.  We are proud to tell you that your interest and aspiration whether academic or otherwise will be met here in the Faculty. Generally, you will notice that the changing nature of Agribusiness and the evolving role of the farm managers and administrators in a global, information/communication technology driven economy is fostering a fundamental transformation in Agricultural Sciences education and technology. Building on many years of training and excellence in Agricultural Sciences of the Faculty members, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the British American University (BAU) offers various courses on various disciplines in Agriculture that provide students with a sound general Agricultural education supplemented by the technological skills required in today’s Foods and Agro-Allied Industries. The concept of general Agricultural Sciences no longer applies only to large established Agro-Allied organizations. It now embraces dynamic farm enterprises of all sizes and types, from multinational farms to Agribusiness startups. 

Our students learn to address the real problems of practicing farm management and gain insight into the activities, behaviors and strategies of farming, cultivation, plantation, people, organizations, markets and industries. Our teaching methods are fused with analysis and actions so that classes are simultaneously demanding, fun, intense and always dynamic. Our goal is to create an Agricultural empire and environment where students learn how to tackle difficult and complex problems as far as science and practice of Agriculture is concerned. Students learn what they feel like to exercise judgment, make tangible decisions and take responsibilities in various aspects of Agricultural related disciplines.

We are a multicultural Faculty, representing many countries and speaking many languages. During their studies here, students work with Faculty members who are nationally and internationally recognized for their research, academic and publications as well as their excellence in teaching Agricultural courses. Our students, diploma and degree graduates are among the brightest, most principled and accomplished young people of our time. We are proud to graduate people who are committed to high standards and have the capacity to work hard and be dynamic and versatile leading Agriculturists not only of today but also of tomorrow.

Thank you for your interest in the undergraduate and postgraduate Programs offered by the BAU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. I invite you to learn more about us by reading the information contained in this website properly especially the one on the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Programs. If your aspirations coincide with what we offer, I encourage you to apply for admission into the Faculty without further procrastination.The Faculty has academic and professional programs in many Departments including General Agriculture,Agribusiness and Farm Management, Agricultural Engineering and Farm Mechanization, Soil Science, Plant Science, Animal Science, Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology, Agricultural Economics, Fisheries, etc. The Faculty aims at training articulate and professionally competent Agricultural Scientists imbued with the right attitude to work for the service of mankind. 

The Faculty also aims at promoting, advancing and disseminating scientific knowledge in the field of Agriculture, and to explore the use of such knowledge for the advancement of the society. Also, the Faculty emphasizes an integrated approach in which students not only specialize in specific areas of Agriculture but also take core courses in Departments within and outside the Faculty. In addition, the Faculty places high premium on research and organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia for the advancement of knowledge and the society generally.



At present, the BAU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences offers the following programs:

Agricultural Science B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., PhD 

Agribusiness and Farm Management B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., MBA, DBA, PhD

Agricultural Economics B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., MBA, DBA, PhD

Agricultural Finance B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., MBA, DBA, PhD

Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., MBA, DBA, PhD

Animal Science B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., PhD

Plant Science B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc.,PhD

Soil Science B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., PhD

Soil Science and Farm Mechanization B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., PhD

Agricultural Engineering B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., PhD

Agricultural Engineering and Farm Mechanization B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., PhD

Fisheries B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., MBA, DBA, PhD

Poultry B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., MBA, DBA, PhD


The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at BAU will improve the practice of Agriculture through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge. This means that the Faculty will facilitate the acquisition of relevant knowledge and experience by our students, so that they can acquire the basis for life long learning and the full range of skills necessary for careers in Agricultural sciences and practices. The BAU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is committed to contributing to the academic and professional community of scholars and to sharing with the private and public sectors across many nations of the world especially those in the transitional economies!


If you aspire to a career in modern Agriculture, you should think of completing a Diploma or Degree from the BAU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. In the process of choosing which University to apply to, you must consider your hopes and expectations together with what the available programs have to offer. The BAU Faculty of AgriculturalSciences offer to you the following: integration of the functional areas of Agriculture; a balanced yet dynamic curriculum with emphasis on modern technology skills; global perspective; small class sizes; a reputed Faculty; internship program; excellent library and Computer facilities; and a congenial and stimulating learning environment. If these count strongly in your expectations of a program in Agriculture and allied disciplines, then you should give serious consideration to the BAU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. We offer students an experience that will prepare them for the challenges of today’s and future Agro and allied workplaces.Hence, you should be encouraged to consider enrolling for a program at the BAU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences without further delay. Please feel free to contact usif you have further questions or require clarification on any of the Faculty programs.