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The Ken Rabac Solar Research Center at the British American University is essentially a research
Center specializing on all kinds of solar research including but not limited to music studies as well and
Radiation Protection at all levels of education. Hence, the specialists in music and radiation
protection worldwide would find the Center very attractive to work with particularly for their training
and development. The Ken Rabac Solar Research Center at present offers courses leading to the
award of the following specialized qualifications:
Music Unit
Bachelor of Music – (BM)
Bachelor of Science in Music – BSc (Music)
Master of Solar Systems (MSS)
Master of Music – (MM)
Master of Science in Music – MSc (Music)
Doctor of Solar Systems (DSS)
Doctor of Music – (DM)
Doctor of Philosophy in Music – PhD (Music)
Radiation Protection Unit
Master of Radiation Protection (MRP)
Master of Science in Radiation Protection – MSc (Radiation Protection)
Doctor of Radiation Protection (DRP)
Doctor of Philosophy in Radiation Protection – PhD (Radiation Protection)