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BAU Faculty of Management


Prof. (Dr.) Innocent Obeten Okoi

I am Prof. (Dr.) Innocent Obeten Okoi from Nigeria. I am the Dean of the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences. I welcome you to the Faculty, and I am proud to tell you that your interest and aspiration whether academic or otherwise will be met here in the Faculty. Generally, you will notice that the changing nature of business and the evolving role of the managers and administrators in a global, information and communication technology-driven economy is fostering a fundamental transformation in management education. Building on many years of training and excellence in the education of the Faculty members, the Faculty of Management Sciences at the American Registered and fully Accredited British American University offer various courses on Management and Social Sciences that provide students with a sound general education supplemented by the technological skills required in today’s workforce. 

Our students learn to address the real problems of practicing managers and gain insight into the activities, behaviors, and strategies of people, organizations, markets, and industries. Our teaching methods are fused with analysis and actions so that classes are simultaneously demanding, fun, intense, and always dynamic. Our goal is to create an environment where students learn how to tackle difficult and complex problems. Students learn what they feel like to exercise judgment, make tangible decisions, and take responsibility. We are a multicultural Faculty, representing many countries and speaking many languages. During their studies here, students work with Faculty members who are nationally and internationally recognized for their research, academic, and publications as well as their excellence in teaching.  Our students, diploma, and degree graduates are among the brightest, most principled, and accomplished young people of our time. We are proud to graduate people who are committed to high standards and have the capacity to work hard and be dynamic and versatile leaders not only of today but also of tomorrow.

Thank you for your interest in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences. I invite you to learn more about us by reading the information contained in this website properly especially the one on the Faculty of Management Sciences Programs. If your aspirations coincide with what we offer, I encourage you to apply for admission into the Faculty without further procrastination. The Faculty has academic and professional programs in many Departments including Accountancy and Finance, Business Administration, Health Services Management, Technology Management and Transport Management. The Faculty aims at training articulate and professionally competent Management Scientists imbued with the right attitude to work for the service of mankind. 

The Faculty also aims at promoting, advancing, and disseminating knowledge in the field of management, and to explore the use of such knowledge for the advancement of society. Also, the Faculty emphasizes an integrated approach in which students not only specialize in specific areas but also take core courses in Departments within and outside the Faculty. In addition, the Faculty places a high premium on research and organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposia for the advancement of knowledge and the society generally.



At present, the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences offers the following programs:

Department of Accounting and Finance

BSc, MBA. MSc, PhD
Accounting and Finance
Banking and Finance
Financial Management
BSc, MBA. MSc, PhD

Department of Business Administration and Management

Business Administration
BSc, MBA. MSc, PhD
Hunan Resource Management
BSc, MBA. MSc, PhD
BSc, MBA. MSc, PhD
Project Management
BSc, MBA. MSc, PhD

NOTE: There is Honorary PhD in all Departments


The Faculty of Management Sciences at the British American University shall improve the practice of management through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge. This means that the Faculty shall facilitate the acquisition of relevant knowledge and experience by our students, so that they can acquire the basis for life long learning and the full range of skills necessary for careers in the entrepreneurial and increasingly specialized, globalized, technology oriented world of management. The BAU Faculty of Management Sciences is committed to contributing to the academic and professional community of scholars and to sharing with the private and public sectors across many nations of the world!


If you aspire to a career in modern management, you should think of completing a Degree from the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences. In the process of choosing which Management School to apply to, you must consider your hopes and expectations together with what the available programs have to offer. The BAU Faculty of Management programs offer to you the following: integration of the functional areas of management; a balanced yet dynamic curriculum with emphasis on computer literacy and communication skills; global perspective; small class sizes; a reputed faculty; internship program; excellent library and computer facilities; and a congenial and stimulating learning environment. If these count strongly in your expectations of a program in management and allied disciplines, then you should give serious consideration to the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences. We offer students an experience that will prepare them for the challenge of today’s and future workplace. Our creative and packet-driven curriculum is under constant review to ensure that dominant trends in the private and public sectors are incorporated. Students also have the option to study abroad through one of Graduate Business Schools and transfer their credits to BAU. Education is about exploring new frontiers of knowledge and learning how to connect it to the practical world of commerce and industry. Teaching and research are the two vehicles for this.  The Faculty has excellent team of lecturers and a group of high profile researchers. The BAU Faculty of Management Sciences greatly value research and outreach activities local, regional, national and international. The Faculty has recently established the position of Associate Dean of Research and Outreach to further demonstrate its commitment to these activities. Hence, you should be encouraged to consider enrolling for a program at the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences without further delay. Please feel free to contact the Faculty Officer on if you have further questions or require clarification on any of the Faculty programs. 


Reasons abound for you to choose the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences for your education and career development. The economic and financial landscape of the modern world is changing rapidly. The method in which economic and financial resources are organized, valued and traded is undergoing consistent transformation. As the role of information technology in finance continues to evolve, many managers find themselves unprepared in responding to significant changes in market activities. At the BAU Faculty of Management Sciences, we have designed our curricula in a way that delivers the most current and relevant principles of management, accountancy, finance and marketing practices. The paradigm shifts that are occurring in the financial services sector require that we stay on the cutting edge of theory and practice. To prepare our students, we complement our traditional finance pedagogy with the computer-mediated financial analysis, valuation and securities trading techniques. Our goal is to create managers and administrators who are highly employable and grounded in their ability to adapt quickly to new developments in finance, and accountancy and professionalism in managemet. We believe the only way to accomplish this is by creating a balance between technological skill and theoretical understanding. Our Faculty is one of the greatest assets of the BAU. The Faculty teaches all courses with excellent reputations in our Professors’ respective fields. Most BAU Faculty members have obtained Doctorate Degrees from world-class Universities. Among their ranks are winners of excellence-in-teaching awards, editors/associate editors of national and international journals, reviewers and assessors, and researchers with national and international reputations.

BAU Faculty of Management members are actively involved in locally, federally and privately sponsored research. They provide consultative services to private and public sector organizations. They are involved in regional, national and international organizations in various capacities. Some of them have wide-ranging global experience in developing, designing and participating in executive training programs. All these enriching experiences benefit the lectueroom environment significantly. Today’s management world is rapidly being transformed through the globalization of business and markets; the advancement of information technologies, and the rapid expansion of trade in goods and services. The BAU Management and Social Sciences Faculty programs are designed to reflect these changes and their consequent effects on the concept, structure and management of modern organizations. The programs blend academic knowledge and practical skills of students, thereby preparing them for managerial and leadership roles in today’s and future dynamic workplace in the private and public sectors. BAU Faculty of Management Sciences Students can also obtain experiential global learning through international internships. In a world dominated by information technology, computer literacy is absolutely essential. The BAU Faculty of Management Sciences Programs imparts, Law and Public Administration computer literacy through workshops, a compulsory management information systems course, and the integration of the use of the computers into several courses. Students planning a career in business management require strong communication skills; both written and oral. The BAU Management Faculty curricula include a compulsory course in audition, diction and phonetics which enhances proficiency in organizational communications. To help students develop the communication skills, they will need several courses place an emphasis on written and oral presentation in terms of seminar papers. 

The supportive learning environment in our classrooms helps students build the confidence they need to sharpen their presentation skills. The BAU Faculty of Management Sciences is unique in emphasis on integration of functional areas of management. Additionally, integration is taken into account in most courses with practical applications. Most Professors involved in the teaching of our Management Faculty courses have Doctorate Degrees from prestigious universities. They have excellence teaching skills and have significant management consulting experience domestically and internationally. The research productivity of our Management and Social Sciences Faculty is well recognized through internal and external research ranking as well as editorial and reviewing responsibilities for local and international journals. The BAU Faculty of Management Sciences courses are designed to focus on practical applications of management techniques. The internship programs provide students with the opportunity to gain “hands on” experience in the practical world. Case courses and the encouragement of practical topics for research projects and theses are indicators of the programs’ emphasis on practical applications. BAU Faculty of Management students have access to the most advanced computer, library, instructional and research facilities. Students have their own lounge and computer laboratory. Electronic access to most domestic and international financial and business database as well as first class Libraries is available via Internet facilities.