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As an American Registered University, British American University operates the Oludare Okusanya Center for Training and Development which runs professional training programs leading to the award of postsecondary professional qualifications such as Certificate, Diploma, and Higher Diploma qualifications in addition to the various degree programs of the University. 

Oludare Okusanya Center for Training and Development (CTD) runs one(1) year Certificate, two(2) years Diploma and two(2) years Higher Diploma Programs in all fields for candidates with lesser qualifications and matured students who may not meet the normal University admission requirements. Such candidates especially Diploma students will automatically be absorbed into relevant degree programs upon their successful completion of their Diploma programs with at least a LOWER CREDIT pass. However, a student upon graduation from the two-year Diploma program may opt for another two-year Higher Diploma program. The Higher Diploma qualification is an equivalent of the Bachelor’s degree from BAU or any American University.

The Center also runs professional programs leading to the award professional qualifications of various recognized professional bodies in the USA and other countries after passing the requisite professional examinations of the Associations or professional Institutes as may be appropriate. Such professional qualifications of the recognized professional Institutes may be accepted for enrolment of candidates into BAU Master’s degree programs

Categories of Qualifications

Upon the successful completion of the programs, students will collect the following Diploma Certificates:

  1. Certificate program; this is a short-term course of 1 to 6 months duration offered to professional students in need of a Certificate in their respective fields to upgrade their professional knowledge and competency at work. The specific focus of the training includes computer/ICT training, entrepreneurship training, youths and women empowerment training, Human Resource Management, and so on,
  2. Diploma program; this is of longer-term duration ranging from 1 year to 2 years depending on the course contents. The 2 years Diploma programs are equivalents of Associate Degrees from American Colleges or Universities, and they may be used for employment or direct entry admission into the 2nd year of a relevant Bachelor’s degree program, and
  3. Higher Diploma program; this is a professional Higher Diploma for candidates who have already gotten the Diploma or its equivalent, and have finished the mandatory 1 year Industrial Attachments. The program is of 2 years duration, and it is the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree from an American Institution. Holders of the Higher Diploma are qualified for direct admission into the Master’s programs.

Programs Available

At the Certificate level, the BAU Center for Training and Development runs a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Youths, and Women Empowerment, Computer and ICT training, Competency in Agriculture, etc. For the postsecondary Diploma and professional Higher Diploma, the Center runs various programs in the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, Law and Criminology, Education as well as Science, Engineering, and Technology. Invariably, all the Bachelor’s degrees listed in these Faculties are also run at the Diploma and Higher Diploma levels at the BAU Center for Training and Development.

 Entry Requirements

The entry requirement for the Certificate program is a High School Diploma from an American School or Ordinary Level General Certificate of Education (O/L GCE). For entry into the Diploma program, candidates must have at least O/L GCE 4 Credit passes. Finally, for the Higher Diploma, candidates must have a minimum of 4 O/L GCE Credit papers in addition to the 2 years postsecondary Diploma or equivalent professional qualification. In all cases, proof of competency in English Language is required, and for Diploma and Higher Diploma programs, candidates also need proof of competency in Mathematics.