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Muhammad Omolaja Center for International Development at the British American University (BAU), Florida, is essentially a research Center specializing in research activities on development studies. Hence, the developing world and transitional economies worldwide, those interested in globalization and change generally, and observers in policy management and strategic studies will find the Center very attractive to associate with. Particularly, Ministries and Departments in all strata of governance, administration, and management in all sectors as well as political observers will find the Center an extremely useful place for the training and development of their staff members. Likewise, potential staffers of such Ministries and Departments may apply for our Diploma and Degree programs in preparation for future challenges. The MOCID offers courses leading to the award of the following specialized qualifications at present:

Research Degrees

  1. Phil. & PhD

Taught Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs

Development Administration & Mgt BSc, PGD, MSc

Development Economics BSc, PGD, MSc

Development Finance BSc, PGD, MSc 

Educational Policy & Development BSc, PGD, MSc

Human Capital Development BSc, PGD, MSc

Industrial Development BSc, PGD, MSc

International Development BSc, PGD, MSc

International Economics BSc, PGD, MSc

Organizational Development BSc, PGD, MSc 

Poverty, Conflict & Reconstruction BSc, PGD, MSc

Projects Management and Development BSc, PGD, MSc

Construction Management BSc, PGD, MSc

Management Development BSc, PGD, MSc

Public Policy Management BSc, PGD, MSc

Community Development BSc, PGD, MSc

Development Management BSc, PGD, MSc

Social Policy & Social Development BSc, PGD, MSc

Sustainable Development BSc, PGD, MSc

Technology and Development BSc, PGD, MSc