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Despite the fact that there are many tertiary educational Universitys all over the world, the demands for higher education in many countries has always been on the increase due to many factors including population explosion especially in developing countries. This is because the rush for acquisition of knowledge in various disciplines is expected to continue, at least, in the next foreseeable future. In addition to this, many people of School age from different nations are always in search of Universities of international status in order to foster cooperation between them and their foreign partners who are spread across many countries including the Americas, European, Asian, African, and so on. However, in spite of this trend in the educational sector, majority of the existing Universities are more or less situated in big cities and towns to the detriment of the developmental plans for the countryside.

This phenomenon has in turn led to the search for an opportunity for a Center of academic and professional excellence, which will partly satisfy the yearnings of the citizenry across national boundaries for sound academic and professional education in various disciplines and partly reduce the ongoing mass exodus of the youths particularly of school age to the urban centers and cities in search of Colleges and Universities admission which may not be readily available; this problem the the American Registered and fully Accredited British American University intends to solve by offering a blend of educational services delivery that suits every purpose and condition; bringing qualitative education to the door steps of the peoples of the world!

Sequel to the general demand for, and upon our conviction that the inhabitants of different nations deserve to be properly integrated and exposed to modern education in the contemporary jet age, where the world has become a global village, it is expedient to establish and locate campuses of this very great American Registered and fully Accredited intercontinental University – British American University, Florida, USA – in different locations across the world!

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