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On behalf of the British American University (BAU) family, I welcome  you to the American registered and globally recognized University!  As an Intercontinental University of the world class distinction, BAU  is fully accredited by the International Association for Quality  Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE), USA. I am pleased you are  considering enrollment into a program, and I feel confident that  once you discover how we help students achieve their goals; you will  feel comfortable joining us for your career development! For many  years, BAU has been helping career-minded students grow  personally and educationally; our students gain the skills and  confidence to pursue the next level of their career as they identify  their goals and advance their education. BAU emphasizes the  teaching of marketable knowledge that can help you pursue  opportunities in various disciplines. While studying here, you’ll work  with industry-current professionals from whom you’ll gain valuable  workplace skills that can increase your employability.  

At BAU, you’ll enjoy guaranteed on-campus accommodation,  guidance and counseling for future employment, great shopping,  sports, arts and galleries. We understand personal schedules can  make finding the time to study a challenge. So we designed  programs that provide students with an extraordinary control over  how, when and where they study. With our campuses in many  countries, we are prepared to support you as you acquire the skills  and confidence that go along with earning an industry-current  degree! BAU has modern facilities to help faculty members, students  and administrative staff to achieve the corporate goal of the  University; primarily to imbibe the culture of creativity, innovation  and imagination into the students with disposition for life-long  learning, research and entrepreneurial professionalism. 

As a fully accredited American University, BAU  specifically concentrates on matters of international  education with our campuses in different countries  from different continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, USA,  etc. At BAU, you can attend classes at our ground  campuses, study online, enroll for Study-Away  programs or choose a combination of these that  matches your schedule of responsibilities. Here, you’re  in control of where and how to study, and we will  provide you with quality education of the world class  standard.  

Focusing on students’ experience; innovative curricula  are designed to meet their needs, world-class faculty  members that combines disciplinary expertise with  teaching mastery, accomplished administrative team  that oversees learning and teaching while fostering  student progress. Flexibility, accessibility and  educational excellence are the hallmarks of our focus!  Take a tour of our campuses and see what  distinguishes us from other institutions! From your  initial inquiry until the day you proudly earn your  degree, you will find a team of experts lending you  support hands. 

When you enroll in our program, you start an exciting  venture; you enter into unbridled opportunities, and  you will be convinced that BAU is where intellectual  journeys begin! Our programs are designed to balance  focused knowledge with skills-based experience you  need as you prepare for future competitive labor  market. Maybe you’re seeking a qualification to  complement the experience you already have or  perhaps you’ve identified a new field you’d like to  pursue, BAU is committed to providing you with sound  education that builds your confidence with your  credentials in all ramifications. 

Feel confident to choose this world class University  that provides an unparalleled level of student support  to help you achieve your goal! Once you discover the  refreshingly approaches we take to deliver optimally,  you’ll feel comfortable joining the BAU global family. I  welcome you, again, to BAU where the British and  American education systems are proudly blended to  suit your purpose! Our approach is designed around  the realities of today’s busy lifestyles . So, If you’re  looking for Universities where you can balance your  experience with your desire to earn a quality degree,  you’ve come to the right center of academic and  professional excellence! 

Prof. Muhammad Omolaja

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